Platelet Rich Plasma – Advanced Platelet Rich Fibrin

When bone grafting or dental extractions are needed we always use Platelet Rich Plasma to hyper-activate healing. The procedure is quite simple for the patient. After the IV is started several tubes of your blood would be withdrawn just as if you were getting a blood test in your doctor’s office. Then the tubes are placed in a special centrifuge design specifically for the separation of the platelets from your blood. The centrifuge will fractionate the blood into three parts; the middle fraction is Platelet Rich Plasma. The middle fraction is separated from the other two and then compressed turning the platelets into Advanced Platelet Rich Fibrin sheets. These sheets are then used to fill the sockets of teeth that have been removed including 3rd molar sites, mixed with bone for regeneration of the socket site in preparation for implants and in all types of gum grafting procedures.

Why are we doing this? These Platelet Rich Fibrin Sheets do some amazing things for every patient:

Healing is 50% faster with 70% less discomfort and swelling.

Please note below the .pdf file link that you may download to your computer for additional information about this advanced technology. Simply click on the file and it will open for review or to print.

PRF Patient Brochure