You will find the office staff to be highly trained, articulate and professional as well as quite friendly:

Leslie, our Front Office Coordinator, will help you to schedule your initial appointment, your surgical and follow up appointments and will answer any non-medical questions about your care. She is also responsible for filing your insurance claims; most are filed electronically. She will do her best to get you into the office in a timely fashion especially if you are in pain.

Kimberly, our Patient Care Coordinator, will help take your medical history prior to surgery, monitor your anesthesia during surgery and answer any medical questions about your post-operative surgical care and post-operative prescriptions. After surgery Kimberly is always available to help you with questions regarding your healing process.

Joann, our Business Manager and First Surgical Assistant during your surgery, will be very helpful to you with all financial matters, and assist you in the coordination of your insurance benefits with our office. Since most insurance companies today have taken the posture of avoiding payment on as many claims as possible, your involvement is absolutely necessary. We will help show you some simple steps that will prompt your insurance company to honor their contract with you and help to promptly pay your electronically filed claim.

Tammie is our Second Surgical Assistant and in charge of all surgical instrument set-ups, sterilization and surgical inventory. She will be present during your case to make sure that all the necessary equipment, implant components and instruments are in the room and ready for your case. She is present during every surgery to assist in passing instruments and in the preparation of Platelet Rich Plasma.